Genuine C32N1415 OEM Battery for Asus ZenBook Pro UX501JW UX501LW G501JW G601JW

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Product Specification

Battery Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 11.4V
Capacity : 96Wh
Color: Black
Product Type: Genuine Battery
Condition : Brand New


Replace Part Numbers:

0B200-01250000, 0B200-01250600, C23PnC5, C32N1415

Fit Laptop Models:

G501JW, G501JW-BHI7N12, G501JW-CN030H, G501JW-CN030T, G501JW-CN131T, G501JW-CN168H, G501JW-CN168T, G501JW-CN217H, G501JW-CN217T, G501JW-CN222H, G501JW-CN466T, G501JW-CN467T, G501JW-DS71, G501JW-F1053H, G501JW-FI398T, G501JW-FI465T, G501VW, G501VW-FI014T, G501VW-FI023T, G501VW-FI038T, G501VW-FI135T, G501VW-FI174T, G501VW-FW217R, G501VW-FY081T, G501VW-FY108T, G501VW-FY112T, G501VW-FY120T, JW4720, N501VW, Pro UX501, ROG G501JW, ROG G501JW-CN030H, ROG G501JW-CN030T, ROG G501JW-CN2S1T, ROG G501JW-CN131H, ROG G501JW-CN168H, ROG G501JW-CN168T, ROG G501JW-CN188H, ROG G501JW-CN217H, ROG G501JW-CN217T, ROG G501JW-DS71, ROG G501JW-F1053H, ROG G501JW-FI053H, ROG G501JW-FI201H, ROG G501JW-FI201T, ROG G501JW-FI225T, ROG G501JW-FI344H, ROG G501JW-FI417H, ROG G501VW, ROG G501VW-FI034T, ROG G501VW-FI074T, ROG G501VW-FY081T, UX501JW, UX501JW-CN076H, UX501JW-CN128H, UX501JW-CN128T, UX501JW-CN209H, UX501JW-CN245P, UX501JW-CN245R, UX501JW-CN245T, UX501JW-CN361T, UX501JW-CN484T, UX501JW-CN546T, UX501JW-DN233H, UX501JW-DS71T, UX501JW-FI177H, UX501JW-FI177T, UX501JW-FI218H, UX501JW-FI218T, UX501JW-FI440T, UX501JW-FI473T, UX501JW-FJ094H, UX501JW-FJ153P, UX501JW-FJ192H, UX501JW-FJ221H, UX501JW-FJ377T, UX501JW-FJ404T, UX501JW-FJ485T, UX501JW-FJ488T, UX501JW-UH71T, UX501JW4720, UX501JX, UX501LW, ZenBook Pro UX501, ZenBook Pro UX501JW, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN41, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN115H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN209H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN361T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CN433T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-CX076H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DH71T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DM395T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-DN233H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI109T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI173T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI184H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI214T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI218H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI324T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI389T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI397T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI440T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI486T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FI502T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ094H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ153P, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ167H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ192H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ194H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ208H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ210H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ221H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ229H, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-FJ286T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-UB71T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-UH71T, Zenbook Pro UX501JW-XS73, ZenBook Pro UX501JW4720, ZenBook UX501JW, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245P, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245R, ZenBook UX501JW-CN245T, ZenBook UX501JW-DS71T, ZenBook UX501JW-FI177H, ZenBook UX501JW-FI177T, ZenBook UX501JW-FI218H, ZenBook UX501JW-FI218T, ZenBook UX501LW


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