Asus Laptop Adapter 19V 6.32A 120W 5.5*2.5mm PA-1121-28 AC Power Charger For Asus N750 N500 G50 N53S N55 Laptop

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Item:AC adapter
Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz,2.0A
Output:19V 6.32A 120W
DC Plug:5.5*2.5mm(Notice)
​Package Includes: 1 X AC Adapter
Compatible Model:
Compatible Models:For Asus Laptop
GL502VT-DS71 GL502VT GL502V GL502 A750L F554LA F750L G550JK GL551JM FX504 G53JW G53SW X71 GL551JW GL552VW GL752VW GL771JM K750L N550 N550J N550JX N550JK N550JV FZ53VD FZ63VD FX53VW FX63VD FX73VD
N550JX N551 N750 Q550L Q550LF R500VJ R510CA R552J R700VJ R751L X4GSN X550JK X750J X750J X750JB X77JQ X77JV
For Asus F554LA-WS52 F554LA-WS71 G550JK-DS71 GL551JM-DH71
GL551JM-EH71 GL551JM-EH74 GL551JW-DS71 GL551JW-DS74
GL551JW-WH71-WX GL552VW-DH71 GL552VW-DH74 GL752VW-DH71
GL752VW-DH74 GL771JM-DH71 N550JK-DB74T N550JK-DS71T N550JV-DB71
N550JV-DB72T N550JX-DS71T N56JR-EH71 N56JR-MH71 Q550LF-BBI7T07
Q550LF-BSI7T21 R500VJ-MH71 R510CA-RB31 R510CA-RB51 R700VJ-BS51
X550JK-DH71 X750JB-DB71
For Asus A53SV A8JS A8N C90 C90S G1 G1S G2 G2P G2S G50 G50V G50VT G51 G51J
G51JX G51JX-A1 G51JX-X1 G51JX-X2 G53 G55 G60 G60J G60JX G60V G60VX N46
N46VJ N51 N53 N53JF N53S N53SM N53SN N53SV N55 N55S N55SF N56 N56V N56VZ
N56DP N56J N56JN N56JR N56JK N56VM N56VV N56VZ N56VJ N70 N71 N71J N71JA N71JQ N73 N73JQ
N76 N76V N76VJ N76VZ N81VP NX90 NX90JQ ZX50 ZX50JX4200 ZX50JX4720 FX50
A550J ZX53,ZX53V,ZX53VW,ZX53VD,ZX53VE ZX5300 ZX63VD UX510UW
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