45W Asus Power Adapter / Laptop Charger | 19V 2.37A (4.0*1.35)

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Asus 45 watt charger

Features & Specifications: 
  • Input: 100V-240V 1.3A 50-60Hz
  • Output: 19V 2.37A 45W
  • Connector: 4.0*1.35
  • Package Contents: AC Adapter and 3 feet Power cord
  • Warranty: 6 Months
Replacment charger number :
ADP-40TH A, EXA1206CH, 0A001-00330100, ADP-45AW A, ADP-33AW A, 90-XB34N OPW00000Y, N45W-01, N17908

Compatibe With laptop Models:

A440 series: A441NC, A441SC, A441UA, A441UV
A450 series: A456UA
A540 series: A540LA, A540SC, A540YA, A541NC, A541SC, A541UA, A541UJ, A541UV
A550 series: A556UA
BX430 series: BX430UA
D540 series: D540SC, D540YA, D541NC, D541SC
E400 series: E402BA
F300 series: F302LA, F302UA
F400 series: F402BA
F440 series: F441NC, F441SC, F441UA, F441UV
F450 series: F456UA
F540 series: F540LA, F540SC, F540YA, F541NC, F541SC, F541UA, F541UJ, F541UV
F550 series: F556UA
J500 series: J501UA
K440 series: K441NC, K441SC, K441UA, K441UV
K450 series: K456UA
K540 series: K540LA, K541UA, K541UJ, K541UV
K550 series: K556UA
L400 series: L402BA
N54x series: N543UA
P300 series: P302LA, P302UA
Q30x series: Q302LA, Q302UA
Q50x series: Q504UA
R300 series: R301LA, R301UA, R305LA
R400 series: R414NC, R414SC, R414UA, R414UV, R417BA
R450 series: R457UA
R500 series: R519UA
R540 series: R540LA, R540SC, R540YA, R541NC, R541SC, R541UA, R541UJ, R541UV
R550 series: R558UA
RX430 series: RX430UA
T300 series: T300LA, T304UA
TP300 series: TP300LA, TP300LAB, TP300UA, TP301UA
TP360 series: TP360CA, TP360UA
TP500 series: TP501UA
TX20x series: TX201LA
U300 series: U305CA, U305FA, U305LA, U305UA
U3000 series: U3000CAK, U3000UA
U330 series: U330CA, U330UA
U360 series: U360CA, U360UA
U4100 series: U4100UA
UX30x series: UX305CA, UX305FA, UX305LA, UX305UA
UX310 series: UX310UA
UX330 series: UX330CA, UX330UA
UX3400 series: UX3400UA
UX360 series: UX360CA, UX360UA
UX3x series: UX32LA
UX430 series: UX430UA
UX560 series: UX560UA
X30x series: X302LA, X302UA
X40x series: X402BA
X44x series: X441NC, X441SC, X441UA, X441UV
X45x series: X456UA
X54x series: X540LA, X540SC, X540YA, X541NC, X541SC, X541UA, X541UJ, X541UV
X55x series: X556UA

Asus Vivobook F201E, Q200E, S200E, X201E, X202E. Asus Zenbook UX21A, UX31A Asus Taichi 21 Asus Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302LA-BBI5T14 Q302LA-BHI3T09S Q302UA-BHI5T20 Asus X553M Asus UX303UA Asus Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Asus Transformer Book T300 T300LA T300LA-Dh51T T300LA-XH71T Asus Zenbook Prime UX305LA-AB51 Asus UX301 UX301LA ASUS X45A X550 X550ZA X550LA X551 F555

Package include:
1 x Brand New Ac Power Adapter ,
No have Power Cord & Cable
To be sure what you are ordering is the right item, you can ask as many questions as you like. or just send the Laptop Brand Name and Model number.
Warranty: 6 months


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